Do you become the new face of Gabber International?

For Gabber International we are looking for a new face. Are you or do you know someone who is not afraid to stand in front of the camera? Do you like to be in the public eye? Are you very social? Then we are looking for you!

What can you expect from Gabber International? You will become the new face of our brand. You will also be a model for our merchandise and promotional material. We take care of our main sponsor’s clothing 100% Hardcore, the photoshoots and of course for a friendly team.

Photoshoot Gabber International with 100% Hardcore

Gabber International has been created for and through gabbers. We have an enthusiastic driven team and are busy with several projects. Besides the website, we are also very active on social media.

Send an email to [you can’t send in anymore] with your nicest photo, why you should become Gabber International’s new face and who knows you soon camera!