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  • Arneh from the Netherlands
  • ferrarisaimon from France
  • get ready for another edition of officialcyndium reng deng denghellip
  • bastivoncore from Germany World of Elements war mega nice
  • onionthecore from germany Hakking in an Australian
  • terrorprince from germany at Dominator festival 2017! hardcorewillneverdie hardcoreworldwide hardcorehellip
  • fatihtuerkncoreink from germany together with andythecore at Qbase 2017!
  • Are you ready for pandemonium 2017! We definitely are! Thishellip
  • queenofhakken from Spain in Gabber International clothes
  • juleeezwe and lorenzhcr from Germany at Dominator Gabberlove
  • lynchcore from Germany at Dominator Festival DOMINATOR2017

100 procent hardcore

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